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Sheryl Crow Rocks ‘Alarm Clock’ Video: Look + Listen

In advance of Evolution, her first LP is six years, Sheryl Crow dropped the music video for her latest single, “Alarm Clock,”

Co-written with Emily Weisband and producer Mike Elizondo, the video features Crow playing her guitar as she sings “Penthouse, Saturday, guy who looks like Chalamet/Handing me a skinny margarita with a salt rim,” before her eyes begin to appear in the rings of color pulsating behind her. 

Scheduled for a March 29 release c/o The Valory Music Group, Evolution is the Grammy Award-winner’s 11th full length following Threads (2018) which the musician had previously stated would be her last.

About her new 9-track offering, Crow stated “I started sending just a couple of demos to Mike, but the songs just kept flowing out of me and it was pretty obvious this was going to be an album.” “This music and these lyrics came from sitting in the quiet and writing from a deep soul place. I said I’d never make another record, thought there was no point to it. But this music comes from my soul. And I hope whoever hears this record can feel that.” “I did not want to produce myself this time,” says Crow. “There’s a point where you get tired of what you do, you recognize your tricks, you despair of them. I didn’t want to deal with the emotional toil that goes into producing, the decisions, the effort, the time, being away from my kids. Mike loved the songs I sent him and wanted to produce. He brought a fresh approach and illustrated the songs in such a cinematic way, he’s so good with that. We did things quickly, the way old records were made, wrote the whole album in a month.” 

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Raph_PH