Photo: Joe Bielawa

Rod Stewart Slams Ed Sheeran’s Music

According to Rod Stewart, Ed Sheeran‘s songs won’t stand the test of time.

In an interview with The Times, the now 79-year-old iconic musician admitted he doesn’t recall any of Sheeran’s music and that they will not be played in 50 years time like Stewart’s classic ‘Maggie May’ which remains popular more than fives decades since its original 1971 release.

When asked which current musicians he believes are producing timeless hits, Rod replied: “I’m sure they are. You mean like ‘Maggie May’? Songs that will be played in 50 years?” He then forgot the name of a current artist he admires, saying: “I like whatshisname … Oh … great, Rod. Well done. He’s British, really talented and his songs will be around.” Eventually recalling the artist as George Ezra, the legendary rocker added “I think he writes really tremendous songs. He’ll be around for quite a while.” And when asked if he meant to say Sheeran, Rod answered “No, not Ed, I don’t know any of his songs, old ginger [nonsense]. Jesus.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the UK legend admitted that he worries young artists today care more about being famous than producing excellent music, adding:

“We were brave in those days to go into the music business. We didn’t know where it would take us but record companies were different. They would give you a try … The people I came up with – the Stones, Elton – we all came into it because we loved the music.” “Money and fame didn’t factor – it was a burning ambition to sing. That may have changed. Now it’s more: ‘Ooh, let’s have a go at music. I don’t even have to play well. Maybe I’ll get rich.’ Fame comes before everything. All kids want is fame.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Joe Bielawa