Photo: Angela George

Reba McEntire Rejoins ‘The Voice’: Look + Listen

Serving as this season’s “Mega Mentor” when the artists and their respective teams prepare for the knockout rounds on Monday (4.17,) Reba McEntire will return to The Voice.

The vocal-talent show’s new teaser provides a preview of the country icon’s appearance as she speaks with this year’s coaches (Kelly ClarksonNiall HoranChance the Rapper, and Blake Shelton), meets the contestants, offers some sage advice, gets a bit emotional, and, cracks some jokes. 

About Clarkson, McEntire says “I am so proud of Kelly. She has grown as an artist, as a teacher, from when we first met way back.” “She was a baby! Now she’s just matured into just this wonderful woman that I am just so proud of, and I love with all my heart.”

And talking to Horan about her elite golfing skills, Reba states “I play really good after one beer. I’m Tiger Woods-level at two beers,” prompting Niall to ask what happens after three beers, to wit the country star McEntire replies, “I better quit.” 

About returning to The Voice for the first time since 2015, Reba McEntire says, “It’s always a lot of fun to give advice because I study people when they perform, and I wanna be touched when they’re singing to me.” “That’s the biggest thing — to capture someone in the audience to where they’re sobbing or laughing. Get some emotion out of them, and you did it for me.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Angela George