Photo: Andreas Meixensperger

Pharrell Builds Recording Studio At Louis Vuitton Headquarters

In order to facilitate his commitment to designing clothes and producing music, Pharrell Williams has built a recording studio at the Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris.

In February, the Grammy award winning musician was appointed the men’s creative director of the French luxury fashion house where he presented his debut collection during Men’s Fashion Week in June.

Born Pharrell Lanscilo Williams[, the multi-hyphenate recently told GQ “I go back and forth between music and clothes.” “Songs and shoes, accessories and harmonies. And it’s one fluid thing.”

The now 50-year-old stated that his time in Paris has been very productive for him musically and that he’s finished three albums’ worth of material since he arrived in France.

His collaborator, Pusha T, has witnessed Pharrell seamlessly switch between his music and fashion roles within the brand’s HQ, commenting:

“He’s the true definition of a multitasker.” “The way that he can divert his focus and pivot at the drop of a dime is awesome. We’re in there working on music, a meeting comes up, it’s about color palettes or anything, he leaves the studio, walks right into the war room and gives it his all. Just the way that he can give direction, opinion, very well thought out at the drop of a dime.”

In a separate interview with The New York Times Style Magazine, the singer/songwriter/producer explained that he doesn’t see much difference between making music and creating clothes, stating:

“Being a producer and a creative director are similar. I can go from apparel to drums, from trunks to melodies. Within my design studio, I have a section allocated to music, so I go back and forth all day.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Andreas Meixensperger