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Pete Townsend Creates New Rock Opera

Superstar rocker/songwriter Pete Townshend is in the process of transforming his 2019 novel ‘The Age of Anxiety’ into a “full opera” stage show complete with brand new songs.

The now 78-year-old iconic musician spoke England’s The Sun’s Bizarre column stating:

“I am still developing the score and recording the music.” “I am also working on a documentary about the project, from its inception in 2007 until today. I’m probably two years off completing it, at which time I hope to perform it with a full opera and a cast of guest singers.”

Not the first theatrical production Townsend’s been involved with, Pete also created The Who’s rock operas Tommy’ (1969) and ‘Quadrophenia’ (1973.)

‘The Age of Anxiety’ show will address society’s fears for the future including the impact of global warming and terrorism, the detrimental effects of social media and how it’s producing a generation of people with mental health issues.

Not the only member of The Who involved in a side project, the band’s lead singer Roger Daltrey is working on a biopic about the group’s late drummer Keith Moon, who died aged 32 in 1979 from an accidental drugs overdose. Now 79, Daltrey previously stated:

“I’ve written a film script about his life because I have never met anyone in my life similar to Keith. He was the funniest man I ever met.” “But he couldn’t control his talent.” “If you were trying to make a film and you asked him, ‘Could you do that again?’, he’d go, ‘No’. He couldn’t do it again.” “Everything was polar opposites with him.”“Yes, he was incredibly flawed, he had incredible tragedy in his life.” “But everybody who knew him, who met him, loved him.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Ross from hamilton on, Canada