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Pasquale Rotella Addresses EDC Las Vegas Controversy

Following the pandemic-related cancellation of 2020 events, fans are excited to get back to in-person shows, and while EDC Las Vegas was the first major festival to announce their return on May 21-23 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, hopeful attendees remain confused by the legal red tape.

Following the Insomniac Events-released announcement, the Nevada Department of Business and Industry confirmed that the COVID protocol plan submitted by the event brand was not approved, and that another plan had yet to be submitted. This left many to wonder if the highly-anticipated festival will happen next month.

In an effort to clear up the confusion, Insomniac’s Founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella made a statement posted to the Electric Daisy Carnival page on Reddit that read: “The plan that was previously not approved is not the plan that will be used to produce EDC.” “A revised plan is currently being worked on with government officials that will be executed to make EDC happen.”

“Please know I have more to lose here than anyone, and I wouldn’t be putting the credibility of EDC, Insomniac, and myself on the line by telling you a show was happening if it wasn’t,” Rotella continued. “The faith and trust of our Headliner community we’ve built for the past 28 years and the thousands of people we employ to make the show happen are too important to us.”

Watch this space regularly for updates on the status of EDC Las Vegas.

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Photo: Insomniac Events