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Palestinian DJ Jailed After Playing Techno In Holy Building

Following a techno set on Saturday, December 26th, Palestinian DJ Sama Abdulhadi, was arrested at an Islamic holy compound in Jericho. The action subsequently sparked a petition calling for her immediate release which has since been granted.

Sama was performing at a location adjacent to the mosque at Maqam Nabi Musa (the believed burial site of Moses) when she was illegally arrested, according to the petition. An attack by a group of young protestors who threatened attendees and ultimately stopped the show had occurred. While many think her performance was made against the area’s religious beliefs, that assertion has yet to be proven.

Those who were asking for Sama’s release believe she’s being used as a “scapegoat and held accountable for a crime that did not happen and one that she certainly did not commit.” As back up support, the female DJ had written approval from the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism to organize and film the production. “Sama Abdulhadi and the organizers of the concert may not have realized that this type of music was unsuitable for the site and its historical, religious and cultural associations, yet it remains that the Ministry of Tourism bears full responsibility for taking the decision to allow the concert to take place” a statement from says.

Following an eight-day detention, Abdulhadi has been released from jail by Palestinian Authorities on cash bond bail of 500 Jordanian Dinar and is now home with her family but cannot leave Palestine.

“I am safe and well and would like to thank everybody who has spoken out in support of my situation and called for my immediate release. I am overwhelmed by the support from my fellow musicians, artists, activists and the entire music community. I want to thank anybody and everybody who has made me feel so supported. At this moment, I just want to spend time with my family,” said Abdulhadi in a press release.

Listen to Sama’s Boiler Room set here.

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Photo: Sergey Kozak