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NY Man Indicted In Nicky Minaj’s Father’s Death

According to prosecutors, a 71-year-old Long Island man has been indicted for allegedly hitting Nicki Minaj’s father with his car, getting out of the vehicle and looking at the victim, then getting back into the car and driving away, The victim later died of his injuries.

On Friday (12.17) Charles Polevich of Mineola, New York was arraigned on a grand jury indictment of two felony charges including leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it and tampering with physical evidence.

According to the indictment, Polevich allegedly hit Minaj’s 64-year-old father, Robert Maraj, at the intersection of Rosyln Road and Raff Avenue on February 12. The defendant then allegedly exited his 1992 white Volvo, looked at the victim on the ground, got back into his Volvo, and left the scene to hide the car in his garage under a tarp. Robert Maraj was pronounced dead the following day. 

In a statement, acting Nassau County District Attorney Joyce Smith said:

“After seeing Robert Maraj severely injured on the ground, this defendant allegedly committed a most heinous act – he simply walked away.” “Rather than aid the man he struck, the defendant allegedly drove home and hid his vehicle, while Maraj died from his injuries. NCDA will continue to hold drivers accountable when they strike innocent pedestrians and flee the scene, preventing the investigation into the condition of the driver at the time of the crash.”

Though Charles Polevich surrendered to authorities on February 17, i convicted of the top charge, he faces up to seven years in prison. .

Polevich is due back in court on Jan. 21 and his attorney, Marc Gann, said his client “is incredible remorseful for any role he may have played” in Maraj’s death.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Lightspace Studios