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New Queen Featuring Freddie Mercury Song Released: Look + Listen

Following months of anticipation Queen have finally released “Face It Alone,” the previously unreleased track that Brian May and Roger Taylor teased earlier this summer.

Originally recorded in 1988 while Queen was working on The Miracle, their 13th studio album with Freddie Mercury the iconic British band recorded some 30 songs, only 10 of which were included in the album (followed by a couple of b-sides). The others were never released and largely forgotten about.

When digging through old studio sessions while preparing for the upcoming box set reissue of The Miracle (due out today!) Queen’s production and archival team discovered “Face It Alone”.” And back in June, May and Taylor revealed the track during a BBC Radio 2 interview, with Taylor explaining, “We did find a little gem from Freddie, that we’d kind of forgotten about,” with May adding, “It was kind of hiding in plain sight. We looked at it many times and thought, ‘Oh no, we can’t really rescue that.’ But in fact, we went in there again, and our wonderful engineering team went, OK, we can do this and this. It’s like kind of stitching bits together. But it’s beautiful, it’s touching.”

“Face It Alone” is one of six previously unreleased tracks to be included on the eight-disc Miracle box set, along with “Dog With A Bone,” “I Guess We’re Falling Out,” and “You Know You Belong To Me.” The collection will include a disc of original takes, rough takes, and demos, as well as a trove of “spoken segments” that capture Queen chatting between takes. 

The Miracle reissue set will also feature an “alternative” version that recreates a proposed follow-up to The Miracle, a disc of instrumentals and backing tracks of the songs on the original album, and a selection of radio interviews conducted during the era. There’s also a Blu-ray Disc packed with music videos from The Miracle, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Corvus