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Maxwell Seduces Valentine’s Day Audience On The Late Show With Colbert : Look + Listen

Showcase a moody, intimate rendition of his newest single, “Off,” Maxwell appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Released in November of last year, the song celebrates the sensuality of an unidentified lover’s body in all its glory as Maxwell (born Gerald Maxwell Rivera) croons “I see you in the dark/And like a moon-lit spark/I’ve never been so in awe/Creamy chocolate work of art.”

“Off” appears on the R&B singer’s forthcoming album, blacksummers’NIGHT, due out this spring marking the finale to a trilogy that began with his 2009 BLACKsummers’night and 2016’s blackSUMMERS’night.

In a recent 2021 interview Maxwell told Rolling Stone “There’s so much happening,” “The end of the trilogy; the opening of a new chapter. When I started out I didn’t know the power dynamics, the ins and outs of the record industry. I was just happy to be on the rise. Later I would hear from Prince, like, ‘You should own your masters and understand the business.’ I was signed back in 1994. Things are different now, and gatekeepers have changed.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Montclair Film