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Mariah Carey Reveals Barbie Doll

Concurrent with the winter holiday season, Mariah Carey has been immortalized as a Barbie doll.

Donned in the sparkling red gown the the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas wore in the second music video for her 1994 festive classic ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,’ the figurine’s outfit is complete with over-the-top jewelry and a microphone.

In a recent interview with People, Carey said “As a little girl, I didn’t have a lot of toys or things.” “The one thing I really wanted was Superstar Barbie.” 

Mariah stated that when she worked with Mattel, the Barbie creators, she accumulated several of the iconic dolls. “When I first started working with the people at Barbie, they sent me a bunch of Superstar Barbies and it was really sweet.”

Noting that she worked closely with the legendary toy brand to insure that her Barbie was perfect, she added “I had some notes, yeah.” “The hair, other things. But when I saw my doll, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so cute.’ Because it’s based on the Christmas dress that I wear in the second All I Want for Christmas Is You video, which was directed by Joseph Kahn.”

Mariah revealed that one adjustment had to be made to her Barbie’s dress. “They wouldn’t let the V in the dress be quite as low as it is in the video.” “But I understand because it’s a holiday and everything else… But I’m like, ‘Oh, Barbie, very demure.'”

Not the first superstar singer turned into Barbies, Mariah Carey joins the likes of Cher, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Stevie Nicks.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: all-systems-go at Flickr