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Madonna Remembers Late Brother Anthony Ciccone

On Monday (2.27,) Madonna took to her Instagram Stories to remember her older brother Anthony Ciccone, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 66.

Alongside a photograph of herself sitting at a table with her brother and their group of friends, the superstar singer born (Madonna Louise Ciccone) wrote Thank you for blowing my mind as a young girl and introducing me to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Buddhism, Taoism, Charles Bukowski, Richard Brautigan, Jack Kerouac, Expansive Thinking, Outside the Box,” “You planted many important seeds.”

On Saturday (2.25,) Madonna’s brother-in-law Joe Henry, a musician who is married to the icon’s sister Melanie Ciccone, announced the news of Anthony’s passing via Instagram writing: 

“My brother-in-law, Anthony Gerard Ciccone, exited this earthly plane last evening,” Henry wrote alongside a photo of his brother-in-law. “I’ve known him since I was 15, in the spring of our lives in Michigan so many years now gone. As brother Dave Henry (who took this photograph) notes here, Anthony was a complex character; and god knows: we tangled in moments, as true brothers can.”“But I loved him, and understood him better than I was sometimes willing to let on. But trouble fades; and family remains — with hands reached across the table. Farewell, then, brother Anthony. I want to think the god your blessed mother (and mine) believed in has her there, waiting to receive you. At least for today, no one shall dissuade me from this vision.”

Further details concerning Anthony Ciccone’s death have not yet been provided.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: jonlo 168