Photo: Mcilroga at English Wikipedia

Madonna Makes Concert History

Infamous for consistently outdoing herself, Madonna has broken yet another record when she performed in front of 1,600,000 fans in Rio de Janeiro.

Notwithstanding the annual New Year’s Eve event on Copacabana Beach where the Rolling Stones held the previous record for largest audience for almost two decades, the Queen of Pop appeared in front of the largest audience ever for a stand-alone concert by any artist in history,

With Rio anticipation building for weeks prior to Madonna’s first performance in Brazil in more than a decade, fans witnessed the best-selling female artist of all time perform the final show of her enormously successful The Celebration Tour.  

Copacabana Beach was transformed into the world’s largest dance floor as the superstar singer (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) performed some of her biggest hits from her extensive music catalogue. Described as her most personal tour to date, The Celebration Tour not only honored the musician’s four decades of iconic music but is an homage to her unprecedented life, unique artistry and groundbreaking career.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Mcilroga at English Wikipedia