Photo: Fiona McKinlay

Louis Tomlinson Brings TV To Glastonbury

In order for his audience to watch England’s big EURO 2024 football match on Sunday (6.30,) .Louis Tomlinson brought a flatscreen TV into the Glastonbury festival.

In their last 16 game England faced Slovakia, yet atypical of previous years when the festival’s scheduled overlapped with the UK tournament games, organizers would not put up a big screen so festival goers could catch the match.

According to The Guardian journalist Gwilym Mumford, football fanatic Tomlinson brought a flatscreen television and electric generator on to the festival grounds so he and his friends could watch Great Britain play.

“It’s the second screen I’ve bought,” said Louis to The Guardian. “The first got cracked. I wasn’t going to take credit for it because it looked like we were going to lose in normal time, but now that we’ve equalized I’m happy to.”

A large crowd formed to watch the game with the former One Direction star, reportedly prompting concerns from festival staff – but after discussions Louis’ screening was allowed to continue.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Fiona McKinlay