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Lenny Kravitz Addresses Childhood Sexual Assault

In a recent Esquire interview Lenny Kravitz addressed an unwanted encounter from his teenage years.

In the iconic rocker’s 2020 memoir, Let Love Rule, Kravitz confirmed that as a teenager, a woman slipped into his bed and began touching him without permission. In a brief passage, he revealed that his parents enlisted a family friend to watch him while they went out of town. One night, the babysitter had some friends over and when he retired to his bedroom, a woman soon entered and got into his bed. 

When the now 59-year-old musician was asked, during the interview, whether he considers the interaction a sexual assault, Lenny replied:

“It was an experience and a lesson. Everything doesn’t have to be so…” “I’m not saying that there aren’t things that deserve to be addressed – maybe somebody would say it should have been addressed and that it was, whatever, but that’s the time it was. I lived, and I learned. I wasn’t traumatized.”

In the book he mentioned that the incident affected the way he viewed sex and relationships, writing “I wasn’t interested in convincing or coercing women.” “I’d been coerced myself and didn’t like it.”

The Grammy award winning artist hitmaker told esquire that much of his approach to sex was formed in high school and it was never something he aggressively pursued, stating “I was more motivated by love.” “I remember the girls always liking the bad guys. And it was like, if I have to act like them to have a girlfriend – I’m not down.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Lunchbox LP