Photo: Katie Fricker

Lana Del Ray + Jack Antonoff Duet: Look + Listen

During Lana Del Rey’s headlining performance at All Things Go Fest in Baltimore over the weekend, the singer/songwriter and Jack Antonoff (her producer) serenaded Margaret Qualley (his wife) with Tunnel Blvd‘s “Margaret” and Norman Fucking Rockwell‘s “Venice Bitch.”

Pointing at Qualley in the audience prior to performing the track (written about Antonoff and Qualley’s relationship,) Lana said “He’s here with his beautiful wife Margaret. “When you know, you know/It kinda makes me laugh, runnin’ down that path/When you’re good, it’s gold,” she sang.

When Antonoff joined in and played the guitar, the crowd went crazy and Del Ray replaced the word “Hollywood” from the lyric “Like Hollywood in me, the diamond on your ring/The soul that you bring to the table” with “Baltimore.”

Throughout the last year, Jack has joined Lana several times for festival performances, including at South Carolina’s High Water Festival and the Newport Folk Festival, where they played “Mariners Apartment Complex.” And earlier this year, Antonoff opened up to Rolling Stone about writing “Margaret” with Del Rey and co-producing most of her album, stating:

“Lana and I have known each other through a great deal of relationships at this point.” “She’s seen shifts in me.” One day, they were chatting about relationships when Del Rey announced she wanted to write a song with Antonoff that he could play at his wedding.

“That song was born the same way a lot of her songs are born, which is her and I singing at each other,” Antonoff added. “Except this time she said, ‘No, you have to sing the second verse.’ I would say that song is the closest thing that I’ve heard to what it’s like to just be in a room chatting with her on a friend level.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Katie Fricker