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Korn To Release New Music In 2024

Following the group’s 2022 ‘Requiem’ LP, Korn went started work on the follow-up and now guitarist Brian Welch has confirmed the band’s 15th full length.

During his interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast ‘The Joe Kingdom Perspective’, the rocker stated “Yeah, new music coming out next year. I don’t know, we’re just kind of in hiding right now, just doing our own thing.”

Alluding to potential plans to mark the iconic band’s 30th anniversary in 2023, Brian expressed his gratitude with the group continued success despite numerous line-up changes over the years – including his own eight-year hiatus.

“It’s just crazy how the lord just restored everything. A couple of members are on break too, and I took … or, one’s out of the band, but one’s on break. And it’s just, it’s all good. I mean, I was gone almost a decade and I came back. I’ve been back a decade, so you just never know what’s gonna happen,” Welch added.

Last year, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis insisted he wasn’t worried about the fans’ reaction to ‘Requiem’, telling Music Feeds: “I sit there and I read some of the comments, but I think at this point in my career I’m really just happy putting out what we’re all, as a band, collectively happy about. If the fans like it, great. If they don’t, it’s the 14th f****** record – you’ve got a lot more records to listen to. It doesn’t freak me out like it did back in the early days.” “If we made records trying to make everyone happy they would suck. You’d just go into a f****** spiral and overthink everything and it wouldn’t be art and in that moment. The five guys sitting in a room, that’s what counts. You get a producer, you hope that people like it.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Sry85