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Kelly Clarkson Regrets Snubbing Mariah Carey

Following Kelly Clarkson‘s accidental snub of Mariah Carey when the ‘Hero’ songstress served as an advisor on The Voice in 2018, the superstar singer/talk show host has regretted her “stupid” gaffe ever since,

Hoping she gets the opportunity to collaborate with Carey on a future composition, Kelly said: “She knows I adore her because I’ve run into her several times, and she’s probably got me on some security list to keep me away.” “I did something stupid… She came on ‘The Voice’, and we were working together, and sometimes I say everything that’s in my brain, and I shouldn’t do that.”

Clarkson recalled how they complimented one another’s songwriting abilities but when Carey suggested they write a song together, Kelly accidentally turned her down, stating “I walked away, and my friends were like, ‘Do you realise you just told Mariah Carey ‘No?’ ” “That’s not what I meant. I meant the best writing for me does not come out in that scenario. I’m usually alone. Any time you see my name on a song, I wrote it, usually, alone.”

When Jimmy Fallon asked “You would love to write a song with Mariah Carey?” she replied “I would love to … I love you, Mariah Carey.”

After the recently divorced, 41-year-old TV show host revealed that the very first song she ever sang in front of an audience was Mariah’s ‘Vision of Love’, she said “I would love to say I was brave and bold. I was just stupid. I just love the song.” adding that Mariah’s been often overlooked as a writer due to the strength of her voice.

Speaking on ‘Las Culturistas’, Kelly said: “I’m such a huge fan of being her street team in terms of her being one of the best writers ever. No one talks about it! They always talk about the songbird and I’m like, ‘Great, vocals for days, obviously.’ But, guys, name another artist that’s that successful that wrote it all.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: TSgt Suzanne M. Day – Public Domain