Photo: Craig Oneal

Keith Urban Teases New LP With New Single

Four years have passed since the last Keith Urban LP, and in preparation for his forthcoming full length, the country musician just-released its first single “Straight Line.”

In a statement about his upcoming project, Urban said “‘Straight Line’ is the perfect first track off my album because it’s a song born of wanting to break out of routine and feeling like somewhere along the line, life lost some color and excitement – ‘You and me used to be like a year-round summer…'”“This song is about getting it back again – a message of taking back your life and driving out from under the dark cloud. If you’ve seen us in concert, I hope this track gives you that same liberated feeling.”

The Australian-born superstar singer/songwriter has not put out an album since 2020’s The Speed of Now Part 1. For some three years since, however, Keith’s been dropping hinting about a new studio album by dropping a string of one-off singles like “Wild Hearts,” “Nightfalls,” Brown Eyes Baby,” and “Street Called Main” since The Speed of Now’s arrival.

“While ‘Straight Line’s’ lyrics are about being stuck and trying to break out of the monotony, the melody and energy are a boulevard of nothing but green lights. Every song on this album – even the ballads – carries an energy and a life force that became a very strong through line. I hope you feel it. I’m so excited for everyone to hear the whole thing,” added Urban.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Craig Oneal