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Katy Perry’s 2024 LP + Tour

Having all but completed her seventh studio album, including songs that’ve been described as her “most personal” yet, Katy Perry is about to release her first LP in four years.

The now 39-year old superstar singer/songwriter’s first full length since ‘Smile’ (2020,) a reliable source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column “Katy has been working on her most personal album ever for much of the past two years.” “She has been doing it on her own terms and it is quite different from anything she has released before.”

In support of her forthcoming collection Perry is planning her first world trek since ‘Witness: The Tour’ which ran 2017 to 2018. Throughout the past two years, Mrs. Orlando Bloom has been fully committed to her Las Vegas concert residency ‘Play’ at the Resorts World Theatre.

“But after so long spent on the West Coast of the US, she feels ready to tour again” added the source. “The demand is there because she has so many hits, so taking her show on the road is bound to be a big draw.” “The hope is that she can head out towards the end of 2024, but it is still being worked out.”

During her appearance on ‘Good Morning America’, Katy Perry said: “I haven’t put any new material out since my darling Daisy,” referring to her daughter. “I think that I’m writing a lot and have written a lot from a place of love, because I’m feeling so much of it – so much unconditional love, that love you never knew existed.” “I’m always writing, I have been, but I think what’s really important to me is to be celebrating the world that I’ve got to build with all of these wonderful songs and to be responsible for a life for a three year old.” “I will be back, but let me get this right.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Adam Bielawski