Photo: Georges Biard

Katy Perry Sells Music Catalogue For $225M

Following months of speculation, Katy Perry has sold her music rights to Litmus Music for $225 million.

According to the buyer, the deal includes Perry’s stakes in master recordings and publishing rights for the five full length albums she released between 2008 and 2020, including One of the Boys, Teenage Dream, Prism, Witness and Smile.

Co-founded by former Capitol Records president Dan McCarroll, the Carlyle-backed Litmus Music has focused on acquiring and managing publishing and recorded music rights since 2022, and made its first major acquisition by buying the rights to Keith Urban’s master recordings.

In a statement about their latest deal, McCarroll said “Katy Perry is a creative visionary who has made a major impact across music, TV, film, and philanthropy. I’m so honored to be partnering with her again and to help Litmus manage her incredible repertoire.”

Hank Forsyth, Co-founder and CEO, added, “Katy’s songs are an essential part of the global cultural fabric. We are so grateful to be working together again with such a trusted partner whose integrity shines in everything that she does.”

In recent years, the now 38-year-old superstar singer/songwriter has down shifted her highly successful recording career to focus on her current Las Vegas residencies, philanthropy work and raising a family with her long-time partner, Orland Bloom.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Georges Biard