K-Pop Music Sensation BTS Release Second English Single “Butter”: Watch + Listen

On Monday, April the 26th, Korean Pop takeover group BTS publicized their second-ever English single “Butter.”

Proceeding their chart-shattering English lyric single “Dynamite,” the K-Pop boy band’s follow up title will drop globally on May 21 and a popular news outlet described the new offering as “dance pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS.” 

Most recently, BTS made history by becoming the first ever Korean act to be nominated for a Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Grammy Award and in response to the nomination they said, “We are a performance team, so a performance with our own song was one of our final dreams for this whole journey, so we are flattered and excited at the same time,” to their interpreter.

For more information on “Butter” click here!

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Photo: Yun_Q