Photo: Heinrich Klaffs

James Brown Estate Is Sold for $90,000,000.00

Following years of infighting, James Brown‘s music assets have been sold for $90 million.

According to the Monday (12.13) announcement by Executives at Primary Wave, the publishing and management company have purchased assets from the late singer’s estate.

Though the purchasing company did not disclose the specifics surrounding the monumental deal, a source speaking to Rolling Stone alleged they bought “the entirety of Brown’s publishing, master income stream, and name and likeness rights” that were previously held by the estate.

The latest news follows a decade of disputes over the Godfather of Soul‘s fortune following his 2006 death at age 73 from congestive heart failure. 

In his last will and testament, the legendary R&B musician indicated that he wanted to create scholarship programs for disadvantaged youth in Georgia and South Carolina. However, his heirs, who inherited his possessions, costumes, and $2 million for his grandchildren’s education, delayed establishing the fund.

Despite the recent acquisition, a litany of lawsuits remain, including one from Adele Pope who previously served as executor of the Brown’s estate. And, according to a report from The New York Times, the fund will be delayed until that matter, among others, are settled.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Heinrich Klaffs