Photo: Ana Carolina Kley Vitafrom São Paulo, Brasil

J-Lo’s ‘The Mother’ Movie Made Her A Better Mother

On Thursday (5.04,) during the New York City screening of her new Netflix movie The Mother, Jennifer Lopez admitted that she became a “better mother” to her teenage twins while working on the project, stating:

“I honestly think that during this movie, I became a better mother. Because it made me really think about a lot of things as it pertained to my child and what I wanted them to know, what I wanted them to learn and who I wanted to be to them.” “And what it meant to really be mom to not babies anymore, but to little adults.” 

In her new film, the multi-hyphenate superstar singer/actress/fashionista plays an assassin who comes out of hiding to protect the daughter she abandoned earlier in life. 

Reflecting on movie-making process with her onscreen daughter Lucy Gaez, Jennifer joked, “It was a great experience to have her mouthing off to me on the set and then go home and have the same experience at home.” “But it really was a kind of growing experience for me.”

Now married to Ben Affleck, J-Lo shares 15-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. 

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Ana Carolina Kley Vitafrom São Paulo, Brasil