Tais Melillo

Is Will Smith In “The Worst Shape Of His Life”?

Over the weekend Will Smith shared a candid photo with his Instagram followers depicted him with “the stars are just like us” look. In a candid image of him hanging outdoors, the multi-millionaire music and movie star is dressed casually in spandex gym shorts and an unzipped track top with his dad bod proudly displayed.

Captioned “I’m gonna be real wit yall — I’m in the worst shape of my life,” the photos depict the oft times action star laughing and making a shrug-like motion that was well received by his peers and admirers. Harry Hudson posted three weeping laughing emoji and the acclaim “genius,” while Joel Kinnaman of For All Mankind added a series of laughing emojis and “haha’s”.

In a post just two days later, Smith announced that he has partnered with Youtube to get back into the “best shape of his life”. See the post below.

With an estimated net worth of 350+ million dollars, Smith is no-stranger to the spotlight starring in such major box office successes as Men in Black 3 ($20M, I, Robot (#28M), and many others. In action films like Suicide Squad and Ali (in which Will portrayed popular boxer Muhammad Ali,) the actor is seen on screen intensely buffed at his athletic best but according to Will his new ‘look’ is a result of the Pandemic. 

Will Smith is still legally married to Jada Pinkett Smith who recently admitted, publicly, that she cheated on her husband with rapper August Alsina. The scandal was broadcast on Jada Pinkett’s show “Red Table Talk”. They share three children: Jaden, Willow, and Trey.

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Photo: Tais Melillo