Photo: Jordan Uhl

Grimes Battles Darkness In ‘Player Of Games’ Video: Look + Listen

In the new music video for her recent single, “Player of Games.,” Grimes battles the nefarious Dark King.

Directed by Anton Tammi and based on a story written by the artist herself (who also served as the clip’s creative director,) the sci-fi video fantasy is focused on Grimes and the so-called Dark King – played by Andrei Pishchalnikov – who’ve had some type of prior relationship, but are now locked in constant battle, be it games of chess, lightsaber fights, or an old-school duel with swords.

After teasing the song in typical Grimes fashion — by sharing lines of binary code that translated to the song’s title — the singer/songwriter released “Player of Games” at the beginning of December. Produced by the femme fatale and Illangelo, the track appears in the new season of the video game Rocket League.

“Player of Games” marks Grimes’ first formal single since the release of her 2020 album, Miss Anthropocene. And at the end of September, she took to social media and posted a short track called “Love” in response to “the privacy invasion, bad press, online hate, and harassment” she’d been experiencing after her separation from Elon Musk.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Jordan Uhl