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George Michael’s ‘Older’ Album Gets Remixed

26 years since its original release songs from George Michael’s ‘Older’ album have been given the electronic remix treatment.

In an attempt to re-introduce the iconic hitmaker’s music to a “whole new audience,” the late music legend’s team has joined forces with Amazon Music and production collaborators, including LF System, Emily Nash, Kiimi and Absolute on four remixes.

The LF System remix of ‘Fastlove’ is available with the balance of versions to follow on October 7 and about their re-imagined version, the Scottish production duo of Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan stated:

“We were honoured to be asked to remix George Michael – someone who has been so influential in every area of music. He merged dance and pop so effortlessly and we wanted to do that justice with our remix. George Michael’s talent is clear to see through his music but his sampling skills are second to none. He was able to creatively sample numerous songs to make something brand new. It’s something we really admire and has influenced how we make our music. George Michael brought so much positivity to a lot of people and we hope this remix displays even a little bit of that.”

Each George Michael remixed song is featured on different playlists on Amazon Music, ‘Fastlove’ on The Sound of Modern House, Emily’s remix of ‘The Strangest Thing’ on Club Rules, Kiimi’s ‘Spinning The Wheel’ on Signals, and Absolute’s ‘Star People ’97’ on Electric Disco.

In a statement about the project, George Michael Entertainment said: “George was a huge fan of dance music and always embraced new talent, so we are delighted that Amazon Music together with these outstanding artists, LF System, Emily Nash, Kiimi and Absolute, is bringing his music to a whole new audience with these exciting remixes.”  

Head of marketing for the Sony Music Commercial Group, Jo Kalli, stated: “Working so collaboratively with everyone involved in the campaign has been a fantastic experience. George commissioned multiple dance remixes for Older when it was originally released, so it feels right that we take his music to the next generation with these brilliant new remixes from the super-talented LF System, Absolute, Emily Nash and Kiimi.” 

Laura Lukanz, Amazon Music’s head of music industry, UK, Australia New Zealand, added: “George Michael was a true pop icon with incredible musical talent. It’s been a privilege to work so closely with George’s team, Sony and the dance collaborators to reimagine some of George’s most popular songs, with his original vocals, in order to delight existing fans and introduce his music to new audiences.”

Originally released May 13, 1996, ‘Older’ gave way to six Top 5 charting singles in the Great Britain and the collection sold so well, that the ‘Older and Upper’ reissue was released 18 months thereafter with bonus content.

About the deeply personal full length, George – who passed away prematurely at the age of 50 in December 2016 – once said: “I think I wrote the best, most healing piece of music that I’ve written in my life.”

The four remixes will only be available to Amazon Music customers and a box set and vinyl reissue of ‘Older’ will be available on September 30.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Insasse