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Elvis Presley’s Iconic Jumpsuit + Cape Are Up For Auction

In 1972 a young Elvis Presley wowed fans during a string of shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden wearing an iconic white eyelet jumpsuit and cape … and for the right price, you can own them both!

Elvis Presley's iconic jumpsuit and cape he wore in a string of concerts at Madison Square Garden in 1972

Designed by Bill Belew, the opening bid for the jumpsuit is $350,000 and $50,000 for cape, the live bidding for which begins Saturday, September 4, courtesy of Kruse GWS Auctions. And according to the auction house, in 1972 Presley sold out four straight nights at MSG, becoming the first person to do so at the historic Manhattan venue.

Elvis Presley's iconic jumpsuit

Fans of The King can also bid on an assortment of other Elvis items, including a Bible gifted to him by a fan, the helmet he wore in the film Viva Las Vegas, and, believe it or not, a collection of his hair saved by the singer’s barber. You can even have a private luncheon in Beverly Hills with Elvis’s ex-wife, Priscilla, who opens up about the difficulties she faced while adjusting to life as the late singer’s wife following her 1967 marriage.

To have Priscilla involved in the auction, says Kruse GWS founder, Brigitte Kruse, is priceless: “She’s just such a wealth of experience and knowledge. You don’t study and learn about Elvis without learning about Priscilla as well. Their names are synonymous.” In honor of Priscilla’s late mother Ann, who died on Aug. 2 at age 95, a portion of the luncheon auction proceeds will go to the Dream Foundation which supports terminally ill adults and their families.

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Author: Brad Lebeau

Photo: uncredited