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Ed Sheeran’s NYC Pub Crawl Performance: Look + Listen

In celebrating of Autumn Variations, his new full length, Ed Sheeran moved through New York City on a pub crawl.

On Friday (9.29) the superstar singer shared a video photographing how he was visiting bars and purchasing rounds of drinks for those in attendance. Taking to his social media, clips show the superstar singer/songwriter starting the trek in a quiet bar where drinkers were hardly in as much the party mood as Sheeran would have preferred.

“Right, to celebrate my album release I’m gonna pub crawl, go in random bars and drinks are on me for the next six hours… let’s… GO!” stated Ed before adding: “We’re in the first bar, I’m on the first drink. I have got everyone a drink in the bar… but we’re not there yet.”

The UK-born musician was shown taking a Manhattan subway train before being entering a significantly more enthusiastic bar where he partook in beer pong and set up large numbers of shots. Ed ultimately ended up at Off the Wagon in Greenwich Village where he distributed even more alcohol and partied through the night.

Summarizing his night in New York City, the British artist stated “We’re done for the night… we started out, the place… they weren’t feeling it. The next place? Weren’t feeling it either. We got on the subway, and then… here we are. I’m very drunk right now. Very drunk.”

Released on Friday (9.29,) Autumn Variations is Sheeran’s seventh studio full length and his second LP this year, following Subtract.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Ashley Pomeroy at English Wikipedia – Public Domain