Photo: Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dua Lipa Teases ‘iIlusion’: Look + Listen

With the April 11 release of its third single “Illusion,” the countdown begins to Dua Lipa‘s third studio album Radical Optimism (out May 3.)

In the teaser for “Illusion,” the superstar singer asks “Don’t you know I could do this dance all night?” “Ooh, what you doin’? / Don’t know who you think that you’re confusing / I be like, “Ooh, it’s amusing” / You think I’m gonna fall for an illusion.”

The latest single from the Lipa’s forthcoming full length, “Illusion” follows “Training Season” and “Houdini,” that arrived in February 2024 and November 2023, respectively.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, about her new LP, Dua said “Sonically, I wanted to live in this psychedelic, organic, Brit-pop world. It’s something that I’ve been influenced by.” “There was just so much freedom in that era in the way that people made music and in the experimentation of it. That’s just what I wanted to do. I just wanted to dive into a different place sonically and try out something new. I had the most fun making this record.”

“For Radical Optimism, I went in and tweaked every single song so many times because I felt confident enough that I could get better and change the story and see how it can progress. But also, I think it was just the idea that when you write something, how are you going to feel about it a week later? Or a month later? It was cool to just keep adding and changing it up. It reflected exactly where I am at this point in my life.”

About “Illusion,” the Albanian/English chanteuse said that it puts her in a “really good mood.” Similar in sound to “Training Season,” there’s an uncertainty to the single, where she sings: “Are you someone that I can give my heart to? Or just the poison that I’m drawn to? It can be hard to tell the difference late at night.” However, on “Illusion,” Dua Lipa’s beginning to see more clearly through the smoke and mirrors.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA