Photo: Donald Benavides from Austin, TX

Donald Glover Retires Childish Gambino

With four albums to his credit Donald Glover will say ‘good bye’ to his music alter-ego Childish Gambino after their two future full lengths.

The next LP will be a finished version of his 2020 recording ‘3.15.20’ released under its original ‘Atavista’ title and his final Childish Gambino album will be the sound track to his film ‘Bando Storm and the New World’.

During his live streamed Instagram interview about his Gilga Radio project Glover said:

“The project I put out, ‘3.15.20’ that no one’s ever heard of, people didn’t even know I put it out, it was originally titled ‘Atavista,’ it was supposed to be ‘Atavista’.” “But we put it out quickly, I didn’t master or mix it, I just kind of put it out. I was going through a lot … thought everybody was going to die because it was the pandemic. We put it out, we finished it, it’s ‘Atavista,’ we’re putting that out. But then after that, there’s a Childish Gambino album, the final Childish Gambino album.”

The thespian/musician confirmed that his final recording will be a soundtrack inspired by Prince’s 1989 album that accompanied the ‘Batman’ movie.

The multi hyphenate’s recent decision follows his struggle to allocate ample time to focus on music in between his acting career concurrent with his daddy duties to his three young sons with Michelle White.

During a recent appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Donald stated “It used to just flow, but now I have kids. Nothing flows anymore. […] Nothing’s as easy as it used to be. So I do block off time now because I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to be here for them at this time, and I want to make sure I see his game, and I want to make…’ “So that takes a lot of scheduling. But I have this kind of farm, I call it, where it’s like an art farm, where I just like… when I go there, then I get to be as ADD as I want.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Donald Benavides from Austin, TX