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Julio Enriquez

Details Emerge Surrounding Grammy Awards Staging

Since the January 31st to March 14th shift, Grammy Awards updates have been few and far between, though a number of details have begun to emerge about how the show will be organized and executed in the face of COVID-19.

With world living in a new era of safety precautions, social distancing and free-flow of air are of paramount concern to the forthcoming awards. The ceremony will reportedly be held in the outdoor portion of the Los Angeles Convention Center, with the show’s traditional Staples Center home (which is located next door) as the backdrop.

Notwithstanding a number of reporters and news organizations, in addition to a live red carpet broadcast featuring performers and presenters, there will be no live audience. As for the performances themselves, like many other awards shows, they will likely be pre-recorded, possibly at venues other than the Convention Center.

The aforementioned reports are an evolution of recent comments from Grammy chief Harvey Mason jr., who, on January 7th, said that the show will be held “in and around” the Convention Center, where “there’s room there for indoor and outdoor activity.”

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Photo: Julio Enriquez