Photo: Fraser Mummery

Depeche Mode Release ‘My Cosmos Is Mine’: Look + Listen

Following the massive success of their lead single, Depeche Mode have released ‘My Cosmos Is Mine,’ the opening title from their upcoming LP Memento Mori on Columbia Records.

On the heels of their synth-pop first single, “Ghosts Again,” “My Cosmos Is Mine” is a much darker composition than its predecessor and kicks off the iconic group’s first LP without late keyboardist Andy “Fletch” Fletcher.

In typical Dave Gahan lead vocal fashion, the the front man sings “Don’t play with my world / Don’t mess with my mind / Don’t question my spacetime / My cosmos is mine.” “Don’t toy with my heart / Don’t knock down my shrines / Don’t alter my headlines / My cosmos is mine.” “No war, no more, no fear, not here, no rain, no clouds… no final breaths, no senseless deaths.”

About Memento Mori, Gahan previously told Rolling Stone “To me, it’s got a cinematic quality to it. It takes you on a bit of a trip, starting in a place where we’re like, ‘This is my world,’ and ending with, ‘How do I make the most of it?’”

Depeche Mode’s 15th studio album and their first since 2017’s Spirit, Memento Mori will be released on March 24, the day after the band embarks on a brief North American tour prior to heading overseas for a summer-long trek.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Fraser Mummery