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David Lee Roth Releases Ode To Van Halen: Listen

Legendary rocker star David Lee Roth has shared an emotional song about his time as Van Halen‘s front man.

Despite the group being one of the most successful bands of the time, the now 67-year-old rocker quit Van Halen in 1984 in order to pursue a solo career, subsequent to which Sammy Hagar, 74, was hired by the group in a bid to reinvent their career.

Reflecting on his tenure in the iconic band and the wild antics involved, Roth shared a new song called ‘Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway’ and sings:

“We laughed, we cried, we threw the television off that balcony. That memory means so much to me.” “Remember when you safety pinned the tablecloth to my pants.” “Kicked out the restaurant to make the night complete, six pack and a happy meal on a park bench down the street.”

“Nothing …” was recorded with guitarist John William Lowery in 2007 who stated “Dave and I have about 12 or 13 songs in the can for a future record.” “And it’s all acoustic. But not strummy, campfire stuff – I’m talking lots of cool, crazy jazz chords, and 50 or 60 overdubbed guitar tracks, with all this harmonizing and other weird stuff going on. Dave’s vocals are incredible. He sings his a** off.”

John was over-the-top about the latest track and hoped it would get released, stating “It’s unbelievable.” “Being a Van Halen fan and a Dave Lee Roth fan, it’s unbelievable because it’s about Dave singing about Van Halen and what it was like. Really something special, so I really hope that comes out.”

David reunited with Van Halen in 2007, and appeared on the 2012 LP ‘A Different Kind of Truth’.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Abby Gillardi