Photo: Katle Dunlap

Christina Perri Seeks Familiarity In Her ‘Home’ Single: Look + Listen

As reflected in the lyrics of new single, “Home,” Christina Perri finds comfort in such familiar staples as cigarettes, homemade wine, and flowers on the wall.

Yearning to break away from New York and Los Angeles and return to her roots, Perri’s new single is a love letter to her home state of Pennsylvania.

Produced by Jennifer Decilveo and written by Amy Wadge, the chanteuse sings,“I wanna go back to the moment in time/ With the windows down/ Driving i-95/ Singing Counting Crows/ Trying to drown out the sounds of my mind.” “I hate everyone at this party/ Cause they’re so in love with themselves/ Nobody here understands me, I wish I was somewhere else.”

Following “Mothers” and “Evergone,” “Home” is third single from the singer’s forthcoming third studio album, A Lighter Shade of Blue, set for release on July 15, via Elektra.

About the full length that marks her first full-length studio album since 2014’s Head or Heart, and three live performances, Perri stated “This album has been a long time coming, and getting to perform songs from it in an intimate setting will be really special.”

The singer will take the stage at Los Angeles’ Hotel Café, New York’s Bowery Ballroom, and Philadelphia’s World Café in the days following the album’s release.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Katle Dunlap