Cardi B
Frank Schwichtenberg

Cardi B Launches Her Own Doll

In the omnipresent quest to create dolls that are representative of real world figures, Cardi B announces the release of her own doll.

Stopping by Friday’s TODAY Show to pre-promote the new product, the “WAP” collaborator explained her motivation behind the project: “I have a 2-year-old, right? And I buy dolls every time I go to Target and they expensive. Somebody came with this idea to me and I’m like, ‘That is great because I would love my daughter to play with a doll that looks like me.'”

The New York native revealed her plans for more iterations of the doll, noting: “I want to drop a doll of different artists. Then I also want to do fun things on Instagram and I want women that have different careers than me to tell me a little bit about their life and everything, and I want to pick them and I don’t know, maybe I have a doll and she’s a doctor, she’s a nurse, you know what I’m saying? Just different types of women and I want to display them and I want them to look beautiful just like me.”

To get the doll, Cardi went on to explain that customers can join the waiting list on the Real Women Are website in advance of the doll’s July availability. Alongside several images on the website, the doll will sell for $35 noting, “This exclusive limited-edition drop is only available for 72 hours, and will never be available again.”

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Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg