Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg

Cardi B Joins Kay Flock On ‘Shake It’ Video: Look + Listen

Kay Flock has recruited Cardi BBory300 and fellow Bronx MC Dougie B for “Shake It” that arrived midnight on Thursday (4.14) alongside a high-octane video.

The Jochi Saca, Alex and Tristan Demic-directed clip features the rappers inside and outside a convenience store as they deliver their fiery bars alongside the flashing quick-cut visuals.

Born ?, Kay Flock kicks things off “Oh, we tryna bend on the oppas/Bitch, I’m with 300 jets and some flockas/Like, who hotter? Top shottas/Hoodie’d up, dread down like a Rasta,” while Bory300 and Dougie B team up for the catchy “Shake it” hook, and Cardi brings it home on the last verse: “None of these bitches is tough/I’m with the shits and it give me a rush/Shorty be looking like she got a crush/I’m not a stepper, bitch I’m stomper.”

According to the New York Daily News this single and video arrive following Kay Flock’s arrest on first degree murder charges in connection with the killing of a barbershop patron in Harlem in December of 2021.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg