Photo: Taehyung's Moment

BTS’ V Releases ‘Love Me Again’ Solo Single: Look + Listen

Supported by the music video for “Love Me Again,” BTS member V has pulled the trigger on the first single from his forthcoming debut solo LP Layover.

Released on Wednesday (8.09,) and video features the Korean star (born Kim Tae-hyung) in a gold sequined top surrounded by stalactites hanging from the roof of a cave. Retro elements are displayed throughout the film, as the camera switches from black and white VHS-style recordings to grainy karaoke subtitles as V sings “I wish you would love me again/No, I don’t want nobody else.”

A press release for the single described “Love Me Again” as a “captivating R&B track that highlights V’s low pitch voice.”

On Monday (8.07,), the group’s label Big Hit Music took to social media announcing the 9.08 release of the artist’s first solo LP that will include six tracks “Slow Dancing,” “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “For Us,” “Love Me Again,” and a piano version of “Slow Dancing.”

“V will show a new side of his charm as a solo artist through this fresh collaboration and the album that brims with V’s personal taste.”

The new repertoire arrives during BTS‘ break as several of its members have already started their mandatory military service in South Korea. The group’s hiatus is expected to last through 2025, with all seven members of the K-POP band completing their mandatory service over the next couple of years. Members Jin and J-Hope are currently enlisted, and Big Hit recently confirmed Suga had begun the the military enlistment process

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Taehyung’s Moment