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BTS’ V Delivers Tiny Desk Performance: Look + Listen

During his short performance on NPR’s new Tiny Desk offshoot, Tiny Desk Korea, BTS’ V performed a trio of tender, swooning songs.

Filmed last month in Seoul alongside an eight-person band of predominantly American musicians, the BTS member sang several songs from his debut solo EP, Layover

Born Kim Tae-hyung, V opened the performance with “Love Me Again,” followed by his R&B infused “Slow Dancing,” before closing with “For Us.”

Released just last week, Layover is a collection of songs V wrote over several years as he tried to refine the direction and sound for his solo career. As he recently explained to Rolling Stone, his solo journey started when BTS scored major hits with “Dynamite” and “Butter” and continued as the group entered a hibernation period to focus on solo careers and complete their mandatory military service.

Confirming his heavily inspired soul, rhythm & blue, jazz and classical sounds, V said:

“Jazz and classical are my favorite genres, so I think I always had the desire to try making it myself.” “It was the music that I grew up listening to. Whenever I had free time, or when there was a break between my work, I tended to go back to those styles. I felt a sense of comfort while listening to them, so I really wanted to try to make music that also brings that feeling of consolation to the audience. While I was preparing this album, I thought, ‘Since this is the music that was always my source of comfort, why don’t I try to return the feeling for ARMY?’” 

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Divine Treasure