Photo: rhysadams from Derby, United Kingdom

Britney Spears + Elton John Duet En Route

What would be her first official single since 2016’s ‘Slumber Party’, Britney Spears and Sir Elton John are rumored to be recording a duet.

According to reliable sources the American pop star is said to have met with the 75-year-old British music legend and producer Andrew Watt last week at a Los Angeles sound studio to record a new version of Elton’s 1971 classic song ‘Tiny Dancer.’

Likely be released in August by Universal Music, a source told the New York Post:

“This was Elton’s idea, and Britney is a huge fan. They have recorded a remix of ‘Tiny Dancer’ as a full duet — and it is incredible.” “Britney was in the studio in Beverly Hills last week with Elton for the super-secret recording session overseen by uber-producer Andrew Watt.” “They’ve already played it for people at their record label, and everybody is freaking out. It is so good.” “They are saying this is going to be the song of the summer. “Britney is officially back. She’s back to work, and she’s super excited.”

According to the insider, Britney secured a “record-breaking deal” from Universal to record with Elton.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: rhysadams from Derby, United Kingdom