Photo: Renan Katamaya

Brazil’s Anitta Drops ‘Funk Rave’: Look + Listen

Previewing her first single since signing to Republic Records / Universal Music Latin Entertainment, Anitta has released ‘Funk Rave.’

About her music, the Latin superstar stated:

“All the music I’ve been making for the past year is music I’m so proud of. It’s both incredibly Brazilian and intentionally international – I made sure it sounds like me in every fiber of the music. Brazilian funk is my roots. It’s what I was born and raised doing. It’s home to me. I made this new music with the intention of showing everyone those roots, what’s most important to me, and leading with ‘Funk Rave’ does exactly that.”

Earlier this month, the now 30-year-old singer gave the modern Brazilian funk tune its live debut at the Opening Ceremony of the UEFA Champions League Finals in Istanbul, Turkey, and the response was so strong that she decided to release it commercially.

Concurrent with ‘Funk Rave,’ Sam Smith recently teased their “special” soon-to-be-released collaboration with Anitta.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Renan Katamaya