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Blackpink ‘Shut Down’ Naysayers With New Release: Look + Listen

In support of Blackpink’s new Born Pink full length, the female K-Pop phenoms have released the music video for their hip-hop-infused “Shut Down.”

In the song’s chorus, the queens of Blackpink – Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa – aim strong words at their doubters, haters and the paparazzi when they sing “When we pull up you know it’s a shut-down,” while the hook goes, “Whip it whip it whip it whip it / Keep watching me shut it down.” And the lyrics switch between English and Korean then the girl group repeats their “Blackpink in your area” catchphrase throughout the track. “Praying for my downfall, many have tried, baby.”

In July, the group announced they were in the “final stages” of recording their second studio album, and just last week, they revealed the track list, with Jisoo and Rosé listed as writers for the track “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

About the music Jisoo said “We don’t just receive a completed song.” “We are involved from the beginning, building the blocks, adding this or that feeling, exchanging feedback — and this process of creating makes me feel proud of our music.” “If we just received pre-made songs, it would feel mechanical.” “I feel more love for the process, because we say, ‘How about adding this in the lyrics? How about adding this move in the choreography?’ ”

“Shut Down,” “Hard to Love,” “Ready for Love,” and much of the album features writing credits from frequent collaborator Teddy Park, who penned their previous album.“He’s like an alarm, reminding us to keep moving musically. All he has to do is call, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, my God,’ tensing up,” Jennie told Rolling Stone about Park. “But it’s a good tension that Blackpink needs.”

The group is also set to go on a world tour in support of Born Pink later this month.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M