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Beyoncé Surprise Drops ‘I’m That Girl’ Teaser: Look + Listen

Following the release of her Renaissance  LP including several still images that encourage a “… limitless … expansive listening journey,” Beyoncé is prepped to provide colorful glam, looks, and visual art.

On Friday (8.12), Queen Bey released ” I’M THAT GIRL (Official Teaser)” — a 3:00+ visual for what’ll be either be the long-form visual component to the album, a music video for “I’m That Girl,” or the visual for Renaissance is called “I’m That Girl?”

The extended teaser clip that features the full length’s first track in its entirety, Beyoncé is dressed in a metallic one-piece cracking an egg, posing inside a closet, and sitting on a bed before opening a door into the world of Renaissance. The video then flashes several looks, including Bey in a bob, a look with bangs, one with green hair, and another with her hair and face drenched in silver — before she starts to sing the track’s lyrics.

The mega-musician also appears to tap into the equestrian elements of the album’s cover art by singing and dancing on top of a bar adjacent to a horse. Halfway into the video, the images are cut out, and only the audio of “I’m That Girl” remains.

Featuring songs “Alien Superstar,” the lead single “Break My Soul,” “Thique” and “Move” with Grace Jones and Tems, Beyoncé released her Renaissance at the end of July and her new visual follows the release of the “Queens Remix” of “Break My Soul,” which features Madonna and her song “Vogue.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Vishwas r