Photo: Ed Vill

Axl Rose + Carrie Underwood Perform Guns N’ Roses Classics: Look + Listen

During her headlining set at the Stagecoach Festival on Saturday (4.30), Carrie Underwood had an epic surprise for her fans when Axl Rose joined the country music star to perform a pair of Guns N’ Roses classics.

After performing the opening verse and chorus of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with her band, Underwood announced Rose to the crowd saying “Welcome to the greatest night of my life.” “Give it up for Axl Rose!”

After their first duet the band launched into ‘Paradise City’ with Ms Underwood yelling “You thought we were finished?” Underwood told the crowd.

Frequently singing “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” during her early-career concerts, Carrie’s long been vocal about her love of GNR. During an appearance in 2020 on The Tonight Show, the superstar singer admitted she ditched her family following her own long tour in order to see Axl, Slash, Duff and company in concert, stating:

“It was kind of a lifelong dream of mine I never thought would happen,” Underwood said of the GNR reunion. Following that show, Underwood actually met Rose backstage. “It’s hard to meet your heroes, because I do consider him someone who taught me how to sing.’ “But he was super cool and great and nice and we talked. We’re best friends.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Ed Vill