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Cremated Ashes Thrown At P!nk During UK Show: Look + Listen

During Pink’s headlining performance at the British Summer Time Festival, someone threw their mother’s ashes onto the stage. Removing the Ziploc bag from the stage while performing ‘Just Like A Pill,” P!nk asked “Is this your mom?” adding “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Not the first time superstar artists have experienced inappropriate fan behavior over the past few weeks, Bebe Rexha received stitches after someone threw a cell phone at her face during a New York show, and Ava Max was scratched in the eye when a Los Angeles audience member rushed the stage and slapped her during a performance.

In 2022, someone set off fireworks inside an arena where Dua Lipa was performing, and Skittles issued a statement supporting Harry Styles after the singer was pelted in the eye with candy at one of his concerts. 

Back in 2019, Charli XCX issued a lengthy statement after photos went viral of a fan who brought his mother’s ashes to a meet and greet to have her pose with them and another who asked her to sign a douche. 

“I do not think my fans have been abusive towards me at meet and greets: please stop saying they have been,” wrote the artist, born Charlotte Emma Aitchison “I haven’t commented on the most recent, possibly controversial goings on at meet and greets because these moments are not the ones I take away from spending time with my fans. I take away the fact that people wait outside in the cold for me, tell me that a certain song changed their life or that a particular album got them through a tough time.”

“These things are the things I dwell on after meet and greets. I don’t think about the pictures or the objects that I sign. And please note, I don’t feel obliged to do anything. Sometimes I decline certain things and sometimes I don’t think twice about things.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Allison