Wu-Tang Clan T-Shirts Upset Chinese Officials In Nod To COVID-19

Canadian T-shirts bearing an altered logo of the legendary New York hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan have continued to upset Chinese officials as they believe it was intentionally connected to the corona virus origin.

The shirts, that were actually made in China, were reportedly ordered last Summer by someone at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing and word of them began recently circulating the internet. Since then, Canada’s Foreign Ministry said this week that the shirts using the “W” logo of the Wu-Tang Clan with the group’s name replaced with “Wuhan” was not intended to cause harm. It apologized for any misunderstanding.

Chinese critics were not satisfied with that explanation, saying that the “W” is actually a bat and the shirt is meant to connect the flying animals with the virus outbreak in the city of Wuhan. With many world officials citing China as the origin of the deadly disease, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters on Wednesday that Canada’s explanation was ”not convincing.”

In response to the allegation Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Christelle Chartrand said in an email statement that “The T-shirt logo designed by a member of the Embassy shows a stylized W, and is not intended to represent a bat. It was created for the team of Embassy staff working on repatriation of Canadians from Wuhan in early 2020.” “This was a personal initiative from an employee and this was not endorsed by the Embassy nor Global Affairs Canada. We regret the misunderstanding,”

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Photo: AndYaDontStop