Photo: Luu - own work

USA Wins Team Figure Skating Medal To Daft Punk + Billie Eilish Music: Look + Listen

Madison Chock and Evan Bates skated onto Olympic ice in Beijing accompanied by music from Daft Punk and Billie Eilish.

A talented artist who shares her sketched portraits via Instagram, Chock has designed the pair’s costumes, however, it’s not just about looking as each of her and Bates’s performances tell a specific story. Chock explains, “it’s really important to strike people.” “I want it to be clear what our concept is or what we’re skating to or the characters that we may be portraying.”

In the works since 2020, the pair’s free dance was set to music by Daft Punk as the former French music duo’s electronic sound serves as a way for skaters to challenge some of the conventions of their sport. “We love pushing the boundaries,” Chock stated. Skating to electronic music, especially in an Olympic year, is “certainly uncommon for figure skating, but especially the world of ice dance.” “In a way, it was kind of a big risk to have . . . an intergalactic-themed program for an Olympic season, but we felt really passionately [about it].”

For their rhythm dance, the American duo turned to one of their favorite artists. “I am personally such a huge Billie Eilish fan and so is [Bates],” Chock said, calling Eilish’s music “cool and inspiring.” The idea ofd their routine was to portray a “strong female character” in the rhythm dance, and “Billie Eilish, we felt, was the perfect woman to skate to.” “She’s just a force to be reckoned with, and that’s kind of the energy I want to channel in this rhythm dance.”

Skating to a mashup of Eilish’s “Myboi,” “Therefore I Am,” and “Bad Guy,” and Daft Punk, Madison Chock and Evan Bates claimed the Silver medal in the Team Ice Dance category.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Luu – own work