Photo: Gotfryd, Bernard, photographer - Public Domain

The National Is David Letterman’s Fave Band

In a protracted dialogue about music, songwriting, and their individual battles with depression, The National superfan David Letterman sat down with the band’s frontman Matt Berninger.  

Debuting on Friday (12.08,) both men jumped right into the serious topics as Berninger addressed the deep phase of depression he suffered with during the pandemic, including his doubts about touring, or even playing in a band ever again. In response, Letterman, spoke about some of his own episodes of depression, and cycles of feeling “moody or blue.” He then spoke about the way the National’s music was “such a complimentary feeling” for him.

“These beautiful melodies and thoughtful, interesting, quizzical lyrics are pretty much how I feel all the time.,” said the former Late Night host.

Elsewhere in their meeting, the duo discussed the highs and lows of being entertainers, while Letterman asked Berninger about some of his favorite recent National songs, like “Space Invader” and “Smoke Detector.” with Letterman particularly intrigued with how Berninger settled on the image, “Sit in the backyard in my pharmacy slippers.”

“When you’re in a pharmacy under the fluorescent lights waiting for your antidepressant…” stated Berninger. “I remember, when I was in the worst place, I had a really hard time even just going to a pharmacy like that… I’m always trying to show that there’s a silly side to everything that’s pathetic and heartbreaking. And there’s something comical about what a mess I was.” 

A forever fan of the National, David hosted the band for their network television debut on The Late Show way back in 2007. In November, Letterman guested on Stephen Colbert’s Late Showreturning to the Ed Sullivan Theater for the first time since his show ended in 2015, and the National made sure they were on-hand to perform.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Gotfryd, Bernard, photographer – Public Domain