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The Killers Fete Holidays With New Song: Look + Listen

The Killers have dropped a new single in honor of the holidays. The band shared the yet-untitled song on X, formerly known as Twitter, last night, writing, “Santa’s got a brand new song in his bag. Merry Christmas!”

The four-minute track incorporates ’80s synth pop and New Wave flourishes, with singer Brandon Flowers crooning over the pulsating beat. The song was released only via the band’s social accounts and has yet to emerge on streaming services. 

The Killers recently released their greatest hits album, Rebel Diamonds. Their last studio LP,  Pressure Machine, arrived in 2021. Over the summer, the group dropped synth-driven song “Your Side of Town,” which was intended to be part of a new album, but that was apparently nixed

“Halfway through recording I realized, ‘I can’t do this,’” Flowers said in an interview. “This isn’t the kind of record… I don’t think you’ll see us making this type of music any more.”

“This is the crisis I’m in,” he added. “The Killers are my identity and our songs fill the seats, but I’m more fulfilled making music like Pressure Machine. I found a side of myself writing it that was strong. This was the guy I’d been looking for! I’m as proud of Hot Fuss as you can be for something you did when you were 20, but I’m not 20. So I’m thinking about the next phase of my life.”

The band will embark on a tour in support of Rebel Diamonds next summer. The trek coincides with the 20th anniversary of their debut LP, Hot Fuss, and so far includes a selection of shows around the U.K. and Ireland. 

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Raph_PH