Sted-E & Hybrid Heights

Behind The Remix: Sted-E & Hybrid Heights 004

DJ/producer duo Sted-E & Hybrid Heights are far from newcomers to the scene. Both halves of the group, Eddie Alcivar and Carlos Rosillo, initially got their start working the New York City nightclub ci... Read More
Joe Maz

Behind The Remix: Joe Maz 003

Prolific DJ and producer Joe Maz is no stranger to the nightclub scene around the world. Beginning his career under the crew moniker DiscoTech, Maz soon rose to fame and joined DJ AM's agency, which includes no... Read More
DJ Strobe

Behind The Remix: DJ Strobe 001

Acclaimed musician and producer DJ Strobe recently remixed the Adele single "When We Were Young," which topped Billboard's Dance Charts at No. 1 in March. His resumé boasts a number of notable artists including... Read More

Behind The Remix: Stonebridge 002

You might of heard Swedish DJ/producer StoneBridge mixing on on his highly acclaimed Sirius XM #bpmMix residency, or from a number of his award winning remixes from Ne-Yo, Madonna, Missy Elliot and more. How di... Read More